Time for Writing

I am sitting here at work at 8 pm, taking a mental break by surfing a little (and extending the time I will need to be here by the same amount of time [arrgghh]) and ran across a post by Mr. Scalzi (yes, again, but apparently I'm skimming the good bits of gold from the gravel pretty handily) about finding time to write. This is a subject that's been much on my mind lately. I've taken a hiatus from writing for the last year or so, partly because I have a job that's been a challenge to manage and partly because I've been feeling cut off from my connection with... well, I don't know what to call it... certainly not my friends and family who have been and always will be so wonderful to be with. I've been scatterbrained and stressed and disengaged and ultimately, all of this is just what my current interpretation on my life is. And I want to change that. I won't go into it all, as I really should get back to work, but one big goal I have is to get back to writing, even if I feel super crappy at it right now. Because something that I've realized during the hiatus? You can't get better at something if you don't practice.

I've talked before about getting a better regimen going in my life -- damn me if it doesn't include a regular writing schedule.

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mattw said...

Lately I've tried to set some firm, yet attainable goals. I started on a story and want to write 10,000 words a month for it, which ends up being around 350 words a day. By keeping the goal small, if I don't get it one day it's not a big deal to make it up the next day. More often than not, though, I usually end up surpassing the goal and feeling pretty good about myself.