Too Fast!

The world is moving too fast right now. I had my birthday celebration last week and I haven't even blogged about it!

Here are the gorgeous flowers that my parents sent to the office on the day. They are still gracing my desk.
I got phone calls from friends and family and felt generally appreciated.
The squeeze and I went to the Buenos Aires Grill and had a yummy dinner.
My good friends had a birthday celebration on Sunday for me, with a beautiful and tasty cake. It was wonderful to spend time with them.
I got some cool DVDs and some biking gloves, but mostly it was the time spent with friends and family that I appreciated most.

Here's a little cuteness I meant to post after I got back from vacation: The cats making themselves at home in my half unpacked suitcase.


Aileen said...

What lovely flowers! I'm so glad you had a nice birthday! You deserve it! :-)

Unknown said...

What is it with cats? I guess they need to leave their stamp (hairs) on all activities in their territory. Chessie had to be pried out of John's bag so that he could pack it for Brazil....
Thanks for the photo of the flowers :-)
I'm glad you had a good time.

belsum said...

Happy birthday Ana!

At first I thought the boys were cuddled into a giant Pyrex lasagna pan and I was impressed that you owned such a beast. Heh.