Meet Big D

About a month and a half ago, a car hit my car and did about $2500 worth of damage. My car being 12 years old and starting to look pretty dinged up (even before the accident), I decided to keep the money (plus a bonus I got from work) for a down payment on a "new" car. I never buy actual new cars, plus I like not having much of (if any) a car payment.
To my surprise, I found a car yesterday. He wants to be called "Big D" (the nickname of the USS Dallas, a submarine in The Hunt for Red October). He's a blue 2002 Subaru Impreza "Sport" WRX, with "all wheel drive," which was top of my list, along with small size. After I bought it, I realized I also got a bunch of cool modern features that I've never had before - a 6 CD changer, an alarm system (and one of those key chain lock button things - woo hoo!), a mirror that automatically dims when headlights are too bright behind you, wipers that you can change the delay speed on, etc. So cool!
Apparently, I went to the car dealer at the perfect time -- late in the day on a crappy, cold, sleety day. They hadn't sold many cars that day and were motivated to sell to me that day. I also traded in my car for a nominal amount (saves me from trying to have to sell it for probably about the same amount).
It'll be nice to have a new car on my road trip to Moab next weekend.


Stacey said...

Thsi is quite the zippy car. Great color - congrats!

Laura F. said...

The car lookw great!! Also, my RX8 had the automatic dimming rear-view mirror and it was awesome. Enjoy it!

Unknown said...

A beauty! I was told to log on and looksee. I have been busy busy all week with classes.
I love it. Also, thanks for the suggestion on when to go to buy a car!

belsum said...

Big D is a fabulous car name. Yay!