Wickedly busy

I have been wickedly busy lately at work. We have a deadline tomorrow and I worked about 12 hours today. Relatively speaking, it wasn't that bad, because we haven't needed to put in that much overtime on this project before this week. I was just feeling grumpy because I was running out of gas and still had bunches to do.

Now I have to go to bed early because I have a very early dentist appt. Whoop-ee.


Slick said...

wow, that's amazing!! I had a dentist appointment this morning as well. at 9am :( after working till 3am I really didn't want to get up, so all I have to say is

Lucky you. (for being able to go to bed early)

Anne C. said...

Huh. Wierd coincidence.
Hope your appointment went well, Nate. Mine went OK (I have a great dentist), but all morning I felt like the Elephant Woman. Then, when the Novacaine started wearing off, my jaw began to ache.
I usually don't take drugs, but I took an ibuprofin (sp?) so I could concentrate.