End of a long week

Every been attracted to someone so good-looking (in your opinion) that you can't even imagine the two of you as a couple?

Yeah, me neither. ;)

I've successfully goofed off while watching TV this week. Woo hoo!
Tomorrow I'm going snowboarding with friends and Sunday I have to come in to work.
Hopefully somewhere in there I'll be able to get some shopping done. Presents bought: Zero.
Also, hopefully, I catch up on some email that I haven't replied to because of the month of writing.

Tonight I'm going to a potluck thing given by the place I go to for tai chi. I wasn't planning to, but they're such nice people I'd feel bad blowing them off.
"No, sorry, I'm not going because I'm feeling a bit anti-social right now."


Anonymous said...

No, I wasn't talking about movie stars (who are unattainable for other reasons), I was talking about the voice of the inner pessimist. Never truely banished, only put up with.

Anne C. said...

Umm, that last comment was me. Don't know why it listed as Anonymous...

Anne C. said...

So true, Nate. I've got a good imagination too, but that inner pessimist can be pretty scathing sometimes.