The Day After

What does one do after focusing on one thing everyday for a month?
All the irritating little things you have been noticing for the past month.
I vacuumed the dirt from the cats off the counch (one bad thing about a dark chocolate colored couch, it shows the dirt more).
I almost finished cutting out the matted fur on Martin's side. He was very patient, but got tired of it just before I finished. I should be able to finish it later.
I'm doing laundry (which reminds me, I think I need to go down and switch out one load for another). I had a bit of a scare when I started the laundry. I have a little stacked washer/dryer combo. I started the washer filling with water, then put in soap and my clothes. When I came back downstairs, the timer was counting down, but it wasn't agitating. Which, naturally agitated me. I fiddled with the controls, imagining that I would have to use some of my savings for a new washer/dryer. Out of habit, I looked at the back and idly wondered if everything was connected right. I fiddled with the one plug and that jogged my memory. A few weeks ago, I had pulled one of the plugs to plug in something else. So, I plugged in the second plug and viola, it started working again. Whew!
I fixed a roman shade I have that had broken several weeks ago.
I'm sewing some pajama pants that need mending.
I'll write up a recipe I promised to some of my guests at the last dinner party, and perhaps start reformatting the novel and run it through the spellchecker. I won't reread the novel or start editing that aspect of it yet.
And last, but not least, I'll start reading something good. Maybe the next Miles Vorkosigan compilation. :)

Later: Wrote up the recipe, portioned out the catfood I made yesterday, and now? Painting my fingernails while watching the LotR cast commentary. Yup. The day seems neverending. :)

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belsum said...

Hee! It's funny how it never takes as long to deal with all those Little Things as it seems like it might when you're putting them off in favor of That One Thing.