I'm good for me :)

I made chicken stock this weekend with the bones from the dinner party and so, of course, tonight I made chicken noodle soup!

It was really yummy, with pieces of chicken, noodles, carrots, green onions, edamame, and sliced mushrooms. Yumm!

Is it because of this kind of thing that I got the following results?

35.5 miles per gallon

Created by The Car Connection


Hmm, I'm only up to 3901, but I'm sure I'll make it up soon. :/


kimby said...

That looks so good. I have turkey bones in my freezer waiting to be turned into soup. Thanks for the reminder!

brenda013 said...

Good on the soup!

Random Michelle K said...

Yum yum yum!

I've been eating a lot of soup for some reason. :)

belsum said...

Edamame! What a great addition.