You can tell by the title I procrastinated today.

I worked late (got home at 8).
I ate dinner and watched CSI.
I sat down to write and then...
I posted my old couch for sale on Craigslist and
I signed up for Twitter.

Yesterday I went out with a friend instead of writing, but that was mostly because I had a headache and didn't feel like doing anything but being a bump on a log. Turned out to be a tiring evening, just being a bump too.
The next day I deduced that the headache came from dehydration. I'd been in the field all day, but drinking no water because it was chilly and I didn't think of it.
Today I did much better. Still need to drink more (water), but I did better. ;)

My plan?
I know the procrastination today arises from the fact that I do not have a clear picture in my mind of the setting/situation for the next scene. I know what stuff needs to happen in this scene and the next, but not the how.
So, I'm going to bed and I'm going to brainstorm before I go to sleep and before I get out of bed. And when I'm done with that, I shouldn't have anymore procrastination for the weekend.
For me, it's sometimes good to do my thinking away from the computer and it's myriad procrastination opportunities and the scary blank page. ;)
We'll see how it goes.


belsum said...

Brainstorming in bed often leads to insomnia for me. So be careful my dear!

Anne C. said...

No problem. It works the opposite for me. If I want to stay awake, I can't. It's only when I'm dying to get to sleep that I can't.

I thought of the first scenario I need last night and the second scenario I need this morning. So, I'm set for working on it this evening. :D