Blessed 22K

I've had another 4K day and hit 22K words. If I can write 2K words per day from now until the end of the month, I will have 50,000 words and a novel on my hands. This is do-able, particularly if I am diligent about not slacking off and about turning down invites to do stuff after work. That, as we all know, is tough for me to do, so I've taken the additional measure of asking friends not to invite me to stuff for the rest of the month. (Except lunch invites. Those, I can do!) I dearly love to hang out with y'all, but I also dearly want to finish this beast. Put together with the 20K or so words (written for a previous NaNoWriMo) that constitute a sort of preface to this NaNo story, I would have the makings of an official length novel that, properly edited and smoothed out, could be shopped around for publication.

But first, it must be finished!

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