Cheering Section

Tonight wasn't as difficult to push through as last night (no sentences like "You've been off, making yummy food, and telling us about it." Which, while true if applied to this blog, have zero to do with my storyline. I have no idea what I was thinking.) but I would like to acknowledge my support group for the evening: MWT, whose challenge of who could write 500 words faster helped me to get out of the surfing rut I had been in for an hour and to the boys, pictured below, cheering me on to the 2000 word mark.

I am maintaining my 2K words per day goal (despite what the chart to the right thinks), and hope to jump forward some in the weekend coming up. We'll see. After that, there's one more weekend to complete the effort, but I'd like to be able to take off Thanksgiving without causing too much stress at the very end. Me no likey stress. :)


mattw said...

Congrats on 2k per day!

I am just feeling so burnt out right now I feel like taking the day off NaNo.

Only 10 days left!

brenda013 said...

"You've been off, making yummy food, and telling us about it."
I know where that comes from. It sounds like all of you up there while I am down here just looking at the pictures!! :-(

Anne C. said...

Matt, I *did not* want to be writing yesterday and goofed off online for at least an hour. It was a sprint with MWT that got me going.

MWT said...

Yeppers. Stop on by the Back Fence if you need some morale boosting, Matt. I have pompoms. ;)

(ooo! my word verify is an actual word! "fishin"! :D )

belsum said...

Look at that puddle of cuteness! My grey girls hate each other so much cuddle pictures are just out of the question.

Jeri said...

That is such a great picture of the cats.

BTW - tell Matti he's been tuckerized. He's a minor - but speaking - character in my book, Matthias (Matti) Schmidt, director of a retreat center and basic nice guy.

Anne C. said...

Cool, Jeri! Thanks!

I had to explain what "tuckerized" means to him, but Matti says thanks too. ;)