Depths and Heights

Well, I slacked off yesterday too, 'cause my siblings and their S.O.s asked me out to dinner and a movie. We went to see RocknRolla, the latest Guy Richie film. Very funny, if a bit rushed at the end. The music was great (heavy bass beat, which I like) and the guy who plays the RocknRolla himself is great. Actually, I found the acting in general to be top-notch. Gerard Butler is, as usual, yummy to look at and yummy to listen to. I think one of the things Guy Richie does best is to show how men (friends and enemies) relate to each other. It's one of the things I like best about his movies. So anyway, I recommend it (4 out of 5).

So, I'm in a wordcount hole, mainly because I have some great characters and a great setting, but no plot/conflict. This morning, I sat down with a piece of paper and hashed out a plot. I had dropped in one piece of mystery into the already written part of the story and then drew out the thread of the story from there. I've got the whole thing roughly sketched out. I'm hoping for some of the motivations to develop some inspired qualities once I get there, but for the moment, I have a map. So, HURRAY, writing should be easier from here forward! I'm working in yWriter, which has places to write in Chapter headings and descriptions, so I've done that. Unfortunately, it doesn't count them towards the word count. I could manually add it, of course, but it's only a few hundred words, so in theory it shouldn't make or break me. So I'm very optimistic about my word output this weekend.

What is the depth? I just finished the last of Janiece's apple butter. I had been rationing it, a small spoonful here and there, but now it's all gone. :(


Janiece Murphy said...

I'll be making some here in a couple weeks. I'll save you a jar...

A BIG one this time. Hehe.

Anne C. said...

Yay! Then we can meet for lunch and I'll exchange a couple empty jars for a new one. Janiece, you are awesome. (And so is your apple butter. :)

MWT said...

Woo... a PLAN! Dun dun DUN!!

I wasn't so good about rationing my share of the last batch of apple butter. It ran out months ago. :( Stupid Question(TM): when it comes to cleaning the jars for return, does that include the metal plate? Are those cleanable or would it just become rust?

Jeri said...

Plans are GOOD! It helps me to have some general idea of where I'm going. :)

Janiece, you're good about the apple butter thing. I only make it once a year, since it's so much trouble. Dunno why, given that apples go on sale more often than that!