An Excerpt

(for JTS ;)

"You are entering the Ice Queen's NY home. It's not her palace of course, that is either in Antartica, Alaska, or Iceland, depending on who you are talking to. Those of us who know better, of course, know that Iceland is relatively temperate. It's Greenland that's actually icy and the site of the Ice Queen's palace. It's described as a gorgeous composition of ice sculpture, Art Deco in its detailing, I believe, as it's most recent manifestation was built in the 1930s. The detailing is said to be exquisite. The eastern wall is decorated with the image of the rising sun, the rays of light ironic when rendered in ice, a fragile..."
"Shut it, Walter," Francie said, as a liveried butler appeared.

ETA @ 12:13 am - 15698 words. That's 1862 more words than I had yesterday. That's above my average, which is great, but not as high as I need to be doing in order to finish on time. No matter, I'll improve on that tomorrow.

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