A Slog

This time, I'm back to my old pace. I only got about 1300 words written (bettered my abysmal average, but that's all). I'm just so tired this evening, and the words have not been flowing as I like.
I'm a little concerned about a meeting I have to go to tomorrow morning, but meh, I'll read the report before we get there.
Right now, I need to stumble off to bed.

Night night!


MWT said...

Yay 1300! :)

I had another day of zero, myself. Plus I think I'm stuck. :( Looks like tomorrow is going to be the kind of writing day where I blather in circles in the hopes of finding something to latch onto...

mattw said...

Any progress is better than no progress! And 1,300 words is nothing to sneeze at.

I ended up with closer to 2,000 words yesterday, but I'm still about 1.5 days behind. If I were to be totally caught up today, I would need to do 4,004 words. Probably wont happen, but if I get a little past the 1,667 then I'll be satisfied.

Mummy Grabill said...

I'm with mattw, any progress is good progress!