Yesterday, I cooked dinner, watched a little TV and got caught up on my internet. I did not write a word. :(

So, tonight, I went out, had dinner and drinks with a friend, and got back in time to go to bed at a decent hour. I figure, if I know I'm going to dick around, I'd better enjoy it.

I'll work on catching up tomorrow and this weekend. :P


Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo! Here's to taking it easy and knowing how to enjoy it when you can!!! ;) (Something I need to start embracing a bit more... Sleep! The sleep! It calls me!)

Good luck on the 50K words, Anne! This NaNoWriMo thing caught my eye when you blogged about it, but I know that when I try to write a novel I get bogged down in the dialogue. NOT A GOOD READ. LOL

But... I passed it on to my friend and co-worker Sarah S-E! Here's her synopsis of her book, which I'm her sounding board for (a job I'm much better suited for): http://littlejoys.wordpress.com/2008/11/06/synopsis/


ps - the word verification that I have to type in to post this comment is "forgly." Why does it make me giggle, because the first time I read it as a derivation of "fugly"? As in, "I know this was my first date in YEARS, but I just couldn't get past the fact that he was a bit forgly." ROFL

mattw said...

Cheers to taking a night off of NaNo. I took some time off to watch a movie with my wife the other night. Run Fatboy Run, it was pretty funny.

MWT said...

Yay enjoying time off! :)

I haven't written a single word in three days. Tuesday was election night so I didn't even try, Wednesday I did everything I thought I'd do on Tuesday (I hadn't expected to pay full attention to the play-by-play), and Thursday I was sick.

Now it's Friday! I've slept 12 hours and I back on the ball! (literally. It's a blue exercise ball that probably needs more air...)

Jeri said...

Sometimes I find that I need to just live a little so that I have some creative energy to output in writing, whether it be in blog form or creative form. I think our lives need balance, input and output, and can't be all both.

I notice my life tends to be all output in terms of taking care of everyone and everything - that's what both a project manager and a mom do. It helps to sit back and listen, learn and just *be* sometimes.

So, recharging is a great thing. I salute you!

Anne C. said...

Thanks for the support, guys. I had one more day of zero count because my siblings and their spouses asked me out to dinner and a movie. (How can I turn that down?)
Today's looking up though.

Thanks for the link, one. That sounds like a good book. :)
(And I'm glad I haven't run into anyone forgly lately!)

I really want to see Run, Fat Boy, Run, Matt. Glad to hear it was funny.

Thanks for the support, Jeri and MWT. I slept in this morning, then did some major thinking on the novel and think I have a gameplan now. :)