Let Sleeping Cats Lie

Some of you know that I have perfectly adorable kitties. Here's some proof:

In other news, I've written almost 500 words this morning. I went back and tweaked the opening scene so it runs in a more fruitful direction and added some information. Technically, I'm not supposed to be editing my work yet, but :P to that. Now, I need to procrastinate by putting some food on to cook and some laundry in the machine. Multi-tasking, it's the wave of the future!



Again, I got lots done -- made chicken stock, cleaned out cat bathrooms, (hmm, didn't do laundry), cleaned up the dining table, and started collecting leaves. AND got my quota of writing done. I'm up to 3508 words, which is basically on track for finishing in time, if I write the same amount every day. Generally, in the past though, I've tried to get ahead (or catch up) on the weekends, as I don't get a lot done on the weekdays. We'll see how it goes.
I've got a decent track going on the story, and I have a strong feeling about where my story is the strongest. The best part is that I like my main characters. :)

Tomorrow, it's back to work! :P


Random Michelle K said...

That's some overwhelming cuddly cuteness there.

Jeri said...

Yeah Anne on staying on pace! Way to go.

And nice cheerleading section you have there. Very very cute. Sugar shock cute.

I do the same on weekend extra to make up for weekday workload. Unfortunately I need some other characters - my main character is kind of a lone ranger right now. In fact, she IS holed up alone this chapter. It makes dialogue kind of tough. LOL

brenda013 said...

Can't wait to edit the story!

Anne C. said...

I don't know if I told you, mum, that I decided to take another crack at that story with the family. I'll stitch them together later. I do like the family very much!