Weekend Updated

Three more UCFers got to the NaNo finish line over the weekend:
John the Scientist (I saw his purple "winnner" bar on Friday)
Eric aka Evan (Finished a rough draft of an elephant... or something)
Matt W. (Got done with two hours to spare)

Also, I neglected to give an update on Operation: Thanksgiving Dinner.
Two wonderful friends, Stacey (and friends, Susan and Dawn) and Janiece (and Smart Man) brought lovely leftovers to me on Thanksgiving evening so I wouldn't be left out of the feasting. Both offerings were wonderful and I appreciate *so much* both of your friendships. You guys are awesome. And boy, do you know some good cooks! :D


Janiece Murphy said...

You're welcome. We couldn't have you go pie-less!

Stacey said...

No one should get left out of Thanksgiving Dinner especially not if they are sick. Glad you enjoyed it. It was nice to see you albeit under those circumstances.