Baron Watch: Day 6

All is well. Went for a short walk this morning. Am busy all day! O.o

Much Later: Well, my parents arrived safe and sound. The dogs met and had a bit of an Omega-Off. Jag won (lost?) and retains the title of Omegaest Dog We Know. Turns out that Baron isn't a total weenie. He's still got a healthy respect for the cats though. Things are fine and stay pretty peaceful, since everyone's got their own space.
Tomorrow: Christmas Prep!


Mummy Grabill said...

I think Baron has a new President of his fan club . . . Daddy couldn't *stop* talking about him in the phone! I could barely get Christmas preparation plans out of him cause all he wanted to do was expound on Baron's qualities. :-) It was very cute.

Janiece Murphy said...

I'm so glad Baron is being his best charming self, and that he and Jag are getting along.

Thanks, Family of Anne, for taking good care of my poochie!