Merry Thursday and Baron Watch: Day 8

Hope you all are having a lovely midwinter celebration. Last night we opened presents (not our typical tradition, but we like trying out the imported traditions). It was a bit different, since we were doing a "secret Santa" version. That's the one where you each draw a name and only buy one gift. Would have been much more straightforward, except that four of our Santas were trapped in the Pacific NW. Very peculiar feeling for some people to open presents and some not.
My dear aunt Ruth was there, so it was wonderful to see her. G&A were lovely hosts.
I'm sitting with Baron right now, waiting to go to my sister's till a little later in the day. He's been missing J & T more than usual today. My mum took him for a walk and she felt like he was less into the walk and more into looking for his house. I think it's because he had a yummy peanut butter mailman that reminded him of J & T. We reminded him that he only has two more days until they come back.
He'll be OK. He's snoozing in his crate right now. Soon I'll take him out back for a potty break and head on up to the festivities.
Hope all the rest of you are having a great day. I am thankful to have you all as friends. It's really friendships and families that make the holidays as special (or "special" if you've got one of Those families) as they are.
Merry Thursday!


Nathan said...

And Merry Thursday right back atcha.

It feels like ages since I've done anything to confuse the Grabills. I feel the need to remedy that soon.

Mummy Grabill said...

Nathan - as I have pregnancy brain right now and completely messed up the Sugar Cookie recipe I made on the 24th (inadvertently making wonderful shortbread when I added twice the butter I needed to the recipe), confusing The Grabill's right now is no difficult feat. :-) But go ahead, do your worst! I hope to be caught off guard by something soon!