Idle Fingers, The Devil's Work?

Ah, it's nice to not have something that I HAVE to do.

I'm relaxing at home, having eaten a tasty dinner, leftover from lunch, and After Eights for dessert. Yum!

I'm catching up on my Heroes episodes. Maybe I'll do something useful, like wipe down the bathroom or do some filing. Maybe. If I feel like it.


ETA: Seth Green in a cameo on Heroes! SQUEEEEEE! That was so awesome. :D

ETA 2: Nathan and JTS are tearing up NY. (You may well ask if I mean tear as in rip or tear as in weeping. Both, I imagine. They certainly made me tear up when laughing.)

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belsum said...

I was so excited to see Seth Green and Breckin Meyer! Still haven't seen this week's episode though...