Because it's so so true. Kudos to the originator of this graphic. Wish I could thank you personally.
Sad that I'm putting this up here right now when I am not only working on my knee, but also recovering from bronchitis and feeling further from a return to running than ever. However, I freakin' WILL get there eventually and I'd like to store this hilarious and true graphic here while I work on it.
Also stored here for posterity is Janiece's moving post about why she runs and minus the running 8 miles thing is true for me too.  In fact, after I get "running" back into my "things I can do" column, I'm going to work on my endurance and see exactly how far I can run.


Stacey said...

Funny, I never thought about what I look like, but when I run, I feel like an overworked engine. I have not achieved the 'zen' of running or feeling strong. It's just a chore I do to burn calories. I hope to feel like Janiece does, but I suspect that's not going to happen until this time next year and you know how much patience I have ;)

Janiece said...

It took many months of running consistantly before I achieved the Zen. And I don't feel it every time - just often enough to keep me coming back for more.

We won't even DISCUSS what I look like when I run. No, we won't.

Anne C. said...

I agree with Janiece that it's not something one feels every time, just often enough.