Shrinking or Just Wrong?

A couple decades ago, I would have sworn on a stack of Bibles that I was 5'-8". Then, a few years ago, Krissy and I were fooling around with measuring our heights and I discovered I was really 5'-7".  I have to admit that though I made the mental change and stated the more accurate height when asked, I didn't really believe it. Must be some kind of mistake! Yesterday, decided to check again. Yup, I am definitely only 5'-7" (less at the end of the day).
So, my question is... did I shrink already, or was I just wrong the whole time?
The things we ponder in the night.


Jeri said...

LOVE the current theme!

I, too, was once 5'10", and now I measure at 5'9". No trace of osteoporosis, probably just forty-something years of gravity. :/

Eric said...

I'm sure it has nothing to do with all of us getting older and everything to do with the expansion of the universe. Somehow. And if it isn't that, then I'd like to blame this "The New Math" they used to talk about all the time, because I'm sure that would have some kind of effect on weights and measures. Speaking of which, the expansion of the universe is also why I'm more massive than I used to be. Unless that's also the fault of The New Math. Stupid mathematicians. They keep changing everything and making me shorter and fatter relative to what I was before they changed to the Metric System or whatever. It's probably Canada's fault, somehow. Or maybe the French, they have lots to do with the Metric System, don't they? Or maybe it's just French Canadians, with their fancy names for themselves that won't actually help them win--you can put all the "Q"s in there you want, you "Quebecois," but you still can't use proper nouns in Scrabble, you bastards!

I'm sorry, what were we talking about again? How did I get here? These aren't my socks. I want my socks.

Anne C. said...

Glad it's not just me, Jeri!

Mental note: arrange to be in the same nursing home as Eric. It'll make old age (which, I see, is fast approaching) a lot more entertaining.

Heck, let's have a UCF nursing home. Can you imagine the grousing coming from the Wright wing? And the hijinks from the Gendzier wing?

Nathan said...

I'm only 5'7" (says I), so my jinks will be on the low side.

And I think you're referring to the bunker. Isn't that under construction yet?

Anne C. said...

Shhh... Nathan, that's *ahem* CLASSIFIED information! [elbow to ribs]

You want everyone to know we've got an unker-bay?


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