El Dia de la Madre

It might seem a bit hackneyed to do a blog post about Mothers' Day on Mothers' Day, but it seemed appropriate this year. I looked through cards and all of them used the word "Mom" (which is not our term of endearment) or were too syrupy sweet. My mother is an unusual woman. She is more sentimental now than she used to be (or used to admit to), but that doesn't mean a card will capture the complex relationship my mother (or really any mother) has with her progeny.

First, Mummy:
Thank you for all the sacrifices you've made for us. I'm so glad I could be part of your growth and you could be part of mine. Thank you for not killing me during my teen rebellion years, no matter how I deserved it. :) I love being friends with you. I love being able to trust you with my ideas and thoughts. I love making you laugh and I love talking about trivia. I love you very much!

Second, my sister:
Happy Mothers' Day, dearest sister. I love watching you be a great mother. My nephew is a very lucky little boy and so is his puppy dog. I know you'll have some grand times ahead and some frustrating ones. Know that you are supported through it all by love from all sides.

And to all the other wonderful and challenging mothers I know, Ruth, Stacey, Janiece, Karen, Rachel, Dena, Ginger, Heather, Belsum, Natalie, Jeri, Kimby, Bonnie, Krissy, and so many more:
Happy Mothers' Day, Mom/Mum/Ma/Mother/Madre, you deserve a whole month of celebration for all that you do! Love to you all!


Unknown said...

I assure you that having you as my daughter was and is a great privilege.

Mummy Grabill said...

Anne - I'm so sorry that it's taken me so long to see this post! I'm not entirely sure what happened to the month of May, but seriously, it needs to slow down! Thank you so much for your kind words! Being a Mother has been a truly trans-formative experience. Thank you for being such a great Auntie to Alex, it is so clear to me how much he adores you and likes you above everyone else. Also, thank you for being a great sister and *asking* to babysit Alex because you know I have a hard time asking people to do so. You are the BEST!

belsum said...

*sniff* Um, there's something in my eye. No really. I swear.