No news = Good news

From what I hear, my audience has been missing new content and the yummy CBLT picture isn't helping. As you might have guessed, I've been a bit busy and don't have the free time to post to the blog as often as I have in the past. My apologies.
Work's been keeping me busy during the day (no posting during worktime, like I am now) and I've been going to a chiropractor during most of my lunch hours (I know it's helping but must I really go see her 3x per week?). I've also been fitting a little more working out/exercising into my schedule. That's usually done in the morning (though tai chi is still after work), so it means I'm getting to bed earlier - no more late night blogging. So any time I'm not doing any of the above (or other chores like making cat food, cleaning the house, doing laundry, etc.), I'm having fun with the new squeeze.
I'll try and post short bits a little more frequently, I promise!

For now, here's a photo taken last week at my project. We're forming the deck for the 2nd level of parking (where I was standing), about 10 feet above what I was looking down on - workers doing a "swirl" finish on the recently poured concrete of the 1st level of parking (about 15 feet above the street). It was late in the day and the light was really dramatic. In the background you can see downtown Denver. Cool, huh?


Aileen said...

Very cool picture! It must be amazing to see something you've worked so hard on start taking shape! How long of a process till it's finished?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is hard to see that it is up off the ground. I didn't expect a posting sooner than what you managed. You are a busy lady!

belsum said...

I totally hear yeh on the lack of posting time thing. Though I do hope for a pic of The Squeeze sometime soon!