Cool Blog Toy

I have to state officially that the "category tags" or "labels" feature that they now have available for use in this blog is the coolest feature ever.

I have gone through all my previous posts and added labels that describe the contents. This means that you can sort posts by subject now. If you are fascinated by my food pictures, click on the "food" label on a post (try it below!). So far there are the following labels: books, camping, cats, Christmas, diving, dogs, exams, family, food, friends, health, house, internet, life, me, movies, music, NaNoWriMo, quotes, restaurants, soccer, society, tai chi, travel, TV, visitors, work, writing. The category with the most links (94) is, appropriately enough, "life". The most interesting category is up to you. (Interesting note: There are 302 (303 with this one) posts, dating back from May 2004.)
Hopefully this makes my blog more fun for you! Enjoy! :)


belsum said...

Wow. I am just not that motivated. You seriously went back through all your posts?! Dang.

Anne C. said...

The obsessive compulsive bug doesn't hit often, but when it does, it hits hard.