More Internet Fodder: Gender and Reading

In clearing out some old "Favorites" links I have, I happened upon a discussion about Gender and Reading, or more specifically, images (paintings and photos) of men and women reading. I thought it was really interesting, so I decided to post it. The discussion reminds me of college, actually, where such intellectual ruminations are more common.

The beginnings of the conversation appear here:
Earmarks: The Gender of Reading (part 1) (04/19/06) and there is a bizarre post immediately before it "Anatomical Model of a Pregnant Woman"
Guardian Unlimited: Solitary pleasures (04/29/06) Apparently, there is a book coming out called Reading Women available at amazon.co.uk.

but the heart of the conversation are concluded in the following two posts:
Purse Lip Square Jaw: Reading: "a sense of belonging to herself" (05/01/06, amended 05/06/o6)
Earmarks: The Gender of Reading (part 2) (05/05/06)

It's been a long while since I've had the leisure to think along such lines and indulge in the sort of link pursuit that following such a discussion involves. It reminds me what is good about the Internet.

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