I'm Not Alone

It's really comforting to hear when other writers are experiencing difficulty writing. Not that I'd wish that on anyone. It's a terrible thing. But one of the things you hear from that nay-sayer inside your head is: "REAL writers can manage it. You just don't have the chops." It is invaluable to have the example to point to that here is another writer whose dedication you admire who is having difficulty - not because she lacks desire but because that is part of the writing process.

This goes out in tribute and support to Nicole (aka: vortexae) who will triumph in the end.
Her description of the struggle my be found here under the post "Fear of... something."
Coincidentally we are both reading from the same book: Victoria Nelson's "On Writer's Block." I started reading it when I got sick and was forced by inactivity to examine my own life. I believe I went on about it sufficiently in this post. When I opened up the book to find a good random quote from the book, I opened it up to the chapter "Writing over the Block, Obessive Rewriting." Appropriate, considering Nicole's current stage. It begins with an evocative sentence:
"In the breathless pause between plan and execution, a little breach opens that quickly widens into a gulf when the writer stops to look down - and with each added moment of hesitation the gulf yawns wider and wider."

In another odd quirk of coincidence, I also opened to the quote:
"A first novel is like a first pancake; you have to throw it out." - Anonymous
This morning I just finished reading Agent to the Stars, one such "practice novel" (in the author's words), by John Scalzi that he posted on his website here for people to read for free. I actually have the hardcopy version which they published after he published his first "real" novel. I highly recommend it. It's a light and fun read. Not too deep, not too shallow. Gives hope, even for first pancakes.

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Nicole J. LeBoeuf-Little said...

Aw, how sweet! Thanks for the shout-out. It sounds like we're going through a lot of the same writer's block angst. Hang in there! We can do it!

My first pancake is nowhere near the level of Scalzi's, though. Agent To The Stars was a damn fine read! I can only hope my pancake will revise to that level of craft and fun.