My tattoo

Or, "tat" if you're down with the jive. This is how it appears to other people.Posted by Hello

And how it looks from my angle. Posted by Hello

One interesting coincidence: My tattoo guy, "Nate" (a nice young guy who did an excellent job - no bruising and practically no redness), went skydiving the weekend before I did at the same place I went and had the same instructor I did. Small world.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous! It is interesting that you decided to have it done "upsidedown" from the point of view of viewers (other than yourself). Esoterically, the branches down and the roots up mean you have your roots in spirit and you grow down into matter, expressing there in many ways (branches, flowers, fruit, leaves).

Anne C. said...

I was deadlocked on the upside-down / rightside-up issue until someone well heeled in the esoteric pointed out the significance of the upsidedown tree. That, of course, broke the deadlock. Plus, I like seeing it rightside up, 'cause it's for me!