Back Again

Hmm... Another hiatus...
Well, I'll have to attribute it to the increased workload at the office.
Last weekend I went camping in the beautiful Rocky Mountains (near Granby) and will post a picture momentarily. Anyway, it was one of the (if not The) best trips ever. Granted, I got to the campgrounds late, and it was raining most of the way there.
The campground was 9 miles off the main road, but it took me half an hour after I turned off to find it on the dark, rainy, and (hard-packed) dirt road. But! When I found them, I was greeted by my friends who had a fire going and canopies up and a very nice guy helped me put my tent up during a temporary halt in the rain.
The next morning started out very misty and I took a solo hike along a ridge, taking lots of photos with my new digital camera. Then later that morning it cleared up and got sunny just as we were starting a group hike along the lake's edge. I almost lost my high school sweatshirt, but luckily (and with the help of someone's binoculars and someone else's sharp gaze) found it . After we got back and relaxed a bit at the campsite, I was convinced to go along on a canoeing/fishing trip. I'm so glad I did. The lake was beautiful, the canoeing so fun (I sat in the middle and took pictures instead of paddling), and one of our group caught a big brown trout. We saw an osprey that had a nest on a neighboring island and a moose on the way back to the camp.
That evening was nice. The stars were out and I had grilled buffalo steak and trout. Someone brought a really good bottle of tequila that I got to taste a bit of. No scrunched up tequila face with that one.
The next day, I just lounged around the campsite and knitted until it was time to pack up and go. Through a friend's suggestion, I drove back over Trail Ridge Road, "the highest continuous motorway in the United States" according to this webpage. Wow. Now that was an awesome experience. I saw elk crossing the road (stopped the traffic) and snow in the mountains. Then, since I was "nearby" I called up some friends and family in Ft. Collins and went up to visit. Like I said -- Awesome Trip.

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