Review: Hellboy 2

I saw Hellboy 2 last night. Wow, what a lush visual experience. I loved the imagery, particularly the part with the forest elemental. I haven't seen Pan's Labyrinth yet, but I really really want to now. The main characters, as usual, were well done, but for me, the world they inhabited was the real center of the story. They also did a great job showing the grey areas. The "bad guy" had a point and the "good guys" were a bit on the destructive side as well.
All in all, I enjoyed it very much. Four out of Five Stars.

AND I got loot from Janiece! [does the Loot Dance]
Thank you, Janiece!


belsum said...

grumblegrumbleStill Haven't Seen Itgrumblegrumble

Janiece Murphy said...

You're welcome.

Now we're all ready for DENVENTION!

Random Michelle K said...

Yay! Hellboy FUN!

Jeri said...

The second Hellboy was a lot of fun - and I agree, the visuals were great. :)

Mbuckingham said...

hey yeah I absolutely loved this film!

certainly see Pan's Labyrinth too it's superb!