No, that's not germy-nation (home of sneezy little kids and raw chicken).
I've been slowly working on a bathroom in the basement project. My friend and co-worker, Rachel, took me to a high-end tile place called Ann Sachs a couple weeks ago. It was exciting, but once I got home I could see that putting such expensive materials in my modest home (even if I could afford them) would be extremely odd. However, yesterday I saw some great tilework on my project while doing a site walk (see photo) and then today we went to Design Materials, a much more middle-class kinda place. I'm starting to get a real feel for what I would like the bathroom to look like.
So, my ideas are starting to germinate (yay!) and this weekend, I think I'll be finalizing the design and I hope, next week to select the plumbing fixtures. Figuring out how much a plumber will do is still up in the air. The first estimate I got was $3K for labor only.
This will get done, but I think it'll be on a longer schedule than I was expecting.


Janiece Murphy said...

I like that color scheme, Anne.

I'm also starting to like colored grout...what do you think?

Random Michelle K said...

I'm so jealous!

When we redid our basement, we had about two months to do everything, so we went for cheap, and cut a lot of corners.

On the bright side, everything works. On the down side, after two years we still have things that need "finished up"


kimby said...

I also like the colour scheme.
I wish I could redo our bathroom, but i am finally getting used to the retro 1970 old tile...if i hate it long enough, it will come back in style.

Jeri said...

I noticed when I was at your house you have a nice eye for color & texture - balancing neutrals against splashes of color works really well.

That looks great. I'm sure your downstairs suite will be lovely when you are done with it.

Anne C. said...

Thanks, Jeri! :)

Janiece, I definitely think colored grout is good, since it seems to hide dirt better than white. I definitely stick to neutrals though.

belsum said...

We're thinking of redoing our upstairs bathroom over the winter. I may have to bug you for pointers...