"Ask and Ye Shall Receive"

I have a tiny pill box with a copy of Hokusai's Great Wave. It's one of... no, I'd say it is my favorite painting ever. I was looking at the little pill box the other day and thought "I'd love to have a print of this. I wonder where I can find one?" Saturday night, I went up to my friend Susan's apartment and there were boxes stacked around because they (she and her husband) are moving. Behind one of the stacks, I see a familiar wave form. I went over to it and pulled out a large, framed print of The Great Wave. "Oh," I said, "I've always loved this painting." "Do you want it?" Susan asked, "We're getting rid of it. It doesn't fit in the new place." "Seriously?" So, now I have a framed print.

I also found a new couch at last. It wasn't as great a find, since it was at Crate and Barrel, which is a tad on the pricey side. But, it was exactly what I wanted and I'll probably have it for the next decade or two, so I closed my eyes and jumped. It's on back order, so you won't see it for a long while (October), but the ottoman I wanted was there in the exact fabric I wanted, and for about 85% off its original price. It was the floor model, so a little bit worn, but hey, for that much savings, I'll take it. Unfortunately, this will just emphasize the other cheap furniture I have (like the desk nee sewing table I got for free, the bookshelves from Target, and the dining table I got at a used furniture sellers that was in an abandoned gas station, but only on the weekend (a table and six chairs only $100!).) but I'll see about gradually upgrading when I have the money.


Nathan said...

Over the weekend, GF decided our vacuum cleaner sucks...because of a lack of suckage. We started looking online for what we'd get to replace it.

Do you have any idea what new vacuum cleaners cost? Ones that properly suck? Getting a new vacuum cleaner sucks.

I doubt we'll find a decent one at the abandoned gas station.

Congrats on your bargain finding. And enjoy the full priced couch.

Anne C. said...

Heh. :) Thanks, Nathan. Considering how much I'm paying, I'll make sure I will.

Good luck finding a decent vacuum cleaner. I, as one might expect, have an upright that was given to me free and a Dirt Devil I bought while I was in college (a long long time ago).

brenda013 said...

$600 for a light upright Dyson, Anne. Just the right size for your house! And lasts for ever.
Can't wait to see the pics of the furniture (in place).

Anne C. said...

That would make a great Christmas present! ;)

The sofa and chair won't be here until October, so it'll be a long wait, but I'll have a chance to do some more purging in the meantime. (That and belt tightening to save up for it.)

Random Michelle K said...

I love that print.

You might want to check out this book: Old Man Mad About Drawing

It's a kids book, but I love it.

John the Scientist said...

This is probably my favorite Hokusai print, but my favorite Fuji print is this one by Hiroshige.

Hokusai also painted watercolors / Sumi-E. This one is exquisite.

Anne C. said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Michelle. I'll definitely look for it. :)

And thanks also for the links, John. That watercolor is stunning!

belsum said...

So. Jealous. That's one of my favorites, too.

Random Michelle K said...

Anne, you may be able to see some of it at Amazon.

I found it at a local bookstore, would never have know about it otherwise.

Anne C. said...

I've already put it on my books wishlist on Amazon. My sister and BIL are getting to that stage where I'll have to have children's books on hand. ;)