Damn Those Endorphins

I don't know if it was the exercise yesterday morning or just that I had a ton of work to do, but I had better luck concentrating (and not snacking) yesterday. Today I'll be on the jobsite most of the day, so not much Internetting today -- but I'll be thinking of you all! (Wondering what kind of trouble you guys are getting into, of course.)


Random Michelle K said...

Hey! No chaperone!

(opens container of homemade oreos, pours large glass of milk, plops down on sofa)

Anyone else want a cookie? Made 'em fresh last night!

Tom said...

Here, have a peanut butter cookie. They're from the dough bars, but I made them last night. Trade you?

Anne C. said...

[stumbles in, shucking hardhat, orange safety vest, and work boots at door before plopping down on the sofa too.]

[grunts and points at cookie jar.]

[Michelle kindly hands over one of her own cookies and one of Tom's and waits patienly for both to be eaten before expecting a reply.]

Hey guys. Thanks for the cookies. Don't mind me if you find me napping over the sofa arm. :)