Denvention Time

I don't consider myself an uber sci-fi geek, but I am conversant in science fiction books, TV, and movies and if the biggest science fiction convention in the world (at least I assume so, as it's called Worldcon) shows up on my doorstep, I consider it an imperetive to go. To add to the fun, some of my fellow UCFers (Janiece, Tania, and Jeri, plus various other UCF personages, such as the Smart Man) will be there. AND I'm taking a day off work to go.

I'll permit myself a little uber geek moment right now... SQUEEEEE! :D

Jeri will be blogging via her Blackberry, so if you want to follow our progress, you might look at her blog.


belsum said...

Fun! I think I know someone from the Doctor Who MM who's there as well.

The Grabill Family said...

Can't wait to hear more about it! There is *nothing* so enjoyable as something enjoyed in lieu of being at work. :-)

Stacey said...

I join in your geekiness moment. I wish I could find the time to head over there. Can't wait to hear about it!