Food 'n' Family

It's been an odd day. I was supposed to stop by my sister's before having dinner with my friend Susan and possibly see my brother and his fiancee. Unfortunately, the latter two fell through. Feeling a bit at loose ends, I did a little furniture shopping (didn't buy, just browsed) and then hung out at my sister's for the afternoon.
We talked, watched the Olympics (with my sister skipping through any "boring" parts), and then went grocery shopping before making a fabulous, inspired dinner.
We thought about taking a picture, but that would have required stopping eating, and at that point we were too far into it. So, here's a description. We made Linguini with an embellished tomato pasta sauce. We bought Classico's with spinach and Parmesan, then added ground turkey and lots of mushrooms (white and cremini). We also grated Parmesan (of course), warmed focaccia bread, and steamed green beans.
She also gave me a taste of a couple pricey purchases she made recently: some delicious balsamic vinegar and some equally delicious white truffle infused olive oil. Yum yum! Now I understand why these two ingredients are considered staples in a gourmet's kitchen.

So, once again, my beautiful and kind sister came through for me when I needed a pick me up.

Thank you, sweetie!

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The Grabill Family said...

I pulled that out o' my repertoire of "good sisterly conduct", a handbook given to me by my older sister. She was a great teacher. :-p