Head(line) Games

Jeri has proposed a game in which we make up headlines about each other. It'll be easy to make up something dramatic about Jim (it'll just be revealed as true later), but others will be more challenging.
Here are the players I know of so far:

I'll be away from my computer during the middle part of the day tomorrow, but I expect you all to be creative!


Jeri said...

OK - it's a little long for a headline, more of a paragraph, but it was fun:

"Anne, international woman of mystery, base jumps from the award-winning skyscrapers she builds to commute home to the genetically engineered, hyper-intelligent miniature mountain lions she rescues and breeds. The highly trained, territorial cats protect her from the broken-hearted Internet stalker that has recently been trying to track her point of origin."

Nathan said...

I'll play but what are the rules.

Do we headline everyone? Where?

Nathan said...

I'm working on yours.

Soon, Mon! (add Jamaican accent).

Janiece Murphy said...

Headline for Anne:

Local Architect Snaps After Being Forced to Eat Bland Meal in Bland Company

A local architect has been arrested pending arraignment after going on a rampage in a local restaurant.

The woman, who's name has not been released, was there on a date with a local man. Halfway through the meal, the woman flipped her table over and began to "trash" the restaurant. Witnesses report her screaming, "I am educated, and successful, and interesting, and HOT! I don't have to settle for YOU! Or this meal! You both suck! Hasn't that cook ever heard of garlic? And you! YOU are a huge LOSER!"

She then reportedly took out a taser and began to electrocute random people, including her date, the waiter, and the busboy.

Her date, who did not want to be identified, told this reporter, "I don't know what happened. We were talking about my taxidermy collection, and she just went off the hook. I really don't know anything about her - we were talking about me."

Anne C. said...

Hee! Janiece, that was hilarious.

Nathan said...

Denver Woman Tries Unique Dating Strategy

Having exhausted internet dating and blind hookups, Anne __________ has stumbled upon a new dating strategy. In an interview with this reporter, Anne said, "I'm combining my love of the outdoors with my search for a life-mate. I've always enjoyed hiking and climbing, but now I leave no stone unturned...literally. You never know where the perfect man will be hiding. He could be in the next cave I explore."

Anne admits that so far, she's only found bears, wolves and one hermit who was a little ripe, but on the plus side, she notes that now she's able to combine her search with her love of firearms.

Tom said...

Noted Local Architect Jumps "Triumph"-antly From Her Own Building!

The combination of a new motorcycle and a building under construction proved too tempting for local architect Anne ____. She rode the Triumph motorcycle from a lower floor onto the "pool deck" and then onto surface streets. Police at the scene refused to apprehend Ms. ____. When asked why, one officer stated, "I dated her. I'm not going to get within range of that lady again!"

Lance Weber said...

I posted my entry over on my blog, since it includes more than one of you :)

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