Do Not Follow the Links While Hungry

I haven't had much time to read a lot of my usual blogs. Despite this fact, I've somehow managed to still "waste" time on the internet. I've been toying with going on an internet diet, I did kind of pull back from being online too much this past week and it was actually quite nice. Sunday, however, instead of doing work as I was planning to, I binged and caught up on some of my Google Reader feed.

One post from the blog of a favorite cooking writer begged to be passed on to you for your mouth-watering entertainment:

Back in June (when I was unemployed and reading and writing daily), I read about a fun challenge on Michael Ruhlman's blog. He's a big proponent of people being more aware of what is going into their food and he loves to support those who are enthusiastic about cooking and cooking photography (his wife is a photographer and does fantastic photos of food on his site). On June 6, he posted a challenge: make a BLT from scratch. Really from scratch. Grow your own lettuce and tomatoes. Cure your own bacon. Bake your own bread. Make your own mayonnaise. Make a BLT. Photograph it. Submit it for consideration.
This was essentially a summer project and the due date was the end of the summer.

Sunday, I ran across the results of that fabulous challenge and boy o boy did I wish I had a BLT to eat while reading that post. (As y'all may remember, I'm a big fan of that particular sandwich.) So visit Ruhlman's blog. Read about the results and look at the delicious photos. I'd recommend wearing a bib.


Stacey said...

that's a favorite here too. We do make our own bread and tried growing tomatoes (we think we will be able to do it next year), but growing lettuce, making mayo (I like salad dressing, but I digress) and curing bacon ain't happenin. I will however, take one if you're making it.

Anne C. said...

We have even grown our own wheat, ground it, and made our own bread!

Anne C. said...

The last comment was made by brenda113 posing as Anne.

belsum said...

The only reason I had tomatoes this year is they decided to grow their own damn selves in the same section of garden I clearly didn't clear up well last fall. Heh.