Most of you know I've been working my bum off for the new employers. They are pretty awesome about it, cautioning me about burn out and strongly encouraging taking time off. I like people who have similar values and don't mind speaking their minds!

The interesting (and actually predictable, if you know anything about me) thing is that I am the one choosing to work late. Part of it is my own personal standards about my work. Architecture is complex enough that one can always do/describe/figure out more or do less. One needs to find the line that balances effort with reward and do just enough. Some people choose to put out less effort and be satisfied with more ambiguity in their drawings. I, as you might imagine, am willing to put in more effort in order to put out what I consider a better set of drawings. (Notice I say "better." That's because no set of drawings is perfect. It's a fact of life and one has to accept it.)
The other part of my needing to work late is the strategy of working hard early, then having less stress immediately before the deadline. It provides time for unexpected complications and means I can coast in, rather than be running just ahead of the flames.

So, yes, I've been working late. Yes, the cats are a little P.O.ed at me. Yes, I am tired (have a bad habit of getting online when I get home and "wasting" my home time on the internet). But I'm settling in at work (and developing a reputation: Got mock-astonished looks when I left at 5 and "we thought you lived here!" smart alecky remarks) and looking forward to a long weekend before going on a business trip next week.

(Working on replacing the phone. Will probably have it by tomorrow.)

Edited to Add: In an interesting coincidence, my buddy Jen A sent a video link about work and incentives and autonomy to me.


Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie! I've missed you; I am very glad to hear that your level of working-itis is chosen, not imposed. I've been a little crazy lately, too, but mostly due to the fact that I've been babysitting a sick cat. MK is doing fine now, and I fully expect to balance back out over this long, holiday weekend. Let's have a chat when you get back from your business trip -- I'd love to talk to you! *HUG* Love, Jen A. the video-sender

brenda113 said...

Sigh! Workaholism comes in the genes....

Mummy Grabill said...

You are the shizzle and they know it. ;-) Where are you going for your business trip? Alex misses his Auntie - he's changed so much, you'd love to see all his new tricks. :-)