Git Along, Little Dogie

Next week I'm scheduled to go on my first real business trip (not counting the design conference last year in Vail). One of my bosses and I will be flying to TX/NM for a project at this place. It promises to be an interesting experience. The National Park Service has a very specific process for developing projects, a process that is supposed to take the subjectivity out of the equation. It worked well on my other project, but I didn't get to be there for the meeting at which all this discussion and rationalizing and prioritizing occurred. This time, not only will I be there to document it, I'll be writing the report on it afterwards.
Good thing I learn quickly when thrown into things. :D

PS - I got scolded again for working too hard. :) Weird, but nice.
I swear, I am going to get the overworking under control. I just had a challenging project with a short deadline. It's done and over with, so things should settle down now.
I think.


brenda113 said...

What in the heck is the project at Carlsbad Caverns?

Anne C. said...

They have buildings there. It's not just a big hole in the ground (or wall, or whatever).

belsum said...

I haven't had a business trip in nearly a decade. It was fun. Of course I suppose I'm making up for years spent in the field, 10 days on 4 days off...