Taking Care of the Kitties

While I was away last week, Da Boyz boarded with my good friend, Stacey and her infinitely patient hubby. I was a little nervous since I've never resorted to that before, and only once in the 5 years I've had them have I taken them with me to someone else's house. I know they're very domesticated and sweet in their own home, but I didn't want to completely stress them out. However, these worries were counterbalanced by the knowledge that they are also very social cats and would get lonely left on their own for four days.
So, on Monday afternoon, I nabbed them (so easy, since they didn't know to be wary of the cat carriers) and drove them over to Stacey's. They did get stressed, meowing and panting (a classic sign of distress in a cat), which distressed ME too. At Stacey's we let them out (to disappear under the bed and behind the desk) and I stuck around for a couple hours. By the time I left, they were out and investigating (warily, but at least they were out!).
Stacey and JR took very good care of them in the intervening days. Stacey even took care of ME by sending me periodic updates. I was relieved to find that they were good guests, peeing/pooping in the approved location, not meowing all night, and providing companionship and entertainment to Stacey.
When I got back, it was a very simple process to lure them out from their napping spot under the bed, petting them both for about half an hour, then popping them into their carriers for the return trip. Stacey drove us back and thankfully, the return trip was only punctuated by a little meowing and no panting.
They were, naturally, very happy to wander around and make sure the house was unchanged.

Thank you, Stacey and JR, for taking such good care of them!

(As you can see above, they are very relaxed and happy.)


Janiece said...

Stacey and JR do indeed rawk.

brenda113 said...

True, two troo!

Stacey said...

We had a good time. The cats kept me company by hanging out with me on the sofa while I was working on projects. JR enjoyed them too, he just can't touch them as they make him sneeze. It was fun to have visitors and we'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Jeri said...

1 - Stacey and JR rock, I agree. :)
2 - I look at your adorable babies and see Pippin's future state. I hope he's half as adorable as them when he, err, reaches full enlargement.

Mummy Grabill said...

Animals are often SO much more resilient than we are. I truly believe that WE are the ones that have the hard time with things like that, not them . . . but that doesn't stop us from worrying, no siree!