Internet Silliness

Name That Candy Bar

Some of the other UCFers answered a quiz about T-Rex digestion, but on the same site, I was fascinated by the "Name That Candy Bar" quiz. I think part of the fascination is the method by which they show you the candy bar and what information you have to identify it.

Silly, but fun. I got two mixed up, which resulted in the 87%.


Ironically enough, that's the exact same score I got on the "Name That Element" quiz. Thank goodness I'm not a complete dunce.

Name That Element

(Yes, our Chemist friend will laugh hysterically at such an easy quiz. Even the trick questions weren't that tricky.)


Nathan said...

I gave up on the candy. I was getting them all wrong until the M&M's.

brenda013 said...

One should never give up on candy!

Jeri said...

I was only 80% on it - but I clicked 3 Musketeers on the right candy bar and it gave me an incorrect result. So I'm altering my score due to a technical glitch to 87%.

I'd never seen a Mars Bar. But yeah, the M&Ms were kind of a giveaway. LOL

MWT said...

Augh... I missed antimony. :(

And I didn't do so good on the candy either. 67% there. Could've been higher except I messed up on Kit Kat by picking Twix by accident.

MWT said...

On the other hand, I'm amazed I managed 47% on the color quiz. Seriously, what the hell is ochre and carmine. :p

MWT said...

Meanwhile, my ability to name dog breeds is worse than my ability to name colors, at 45% ...

*should probably go to bed instead of taking internet quizzes >.> *

Stacey said...

Apparrently, I know my sodas, dogs and candy, but not colors or elements. I think I'm OK with that :)

Jeri said...

I got 100% on dog breeds - w00t!

But the color one is messed up. I am an artist - I know colors pretty well. I can walk into an art supply shop and distinguish between ultramarine, cobalt, pthalo and prussian blue on sight. The colors they were displaying were NOT very accurately labeled - at all.