Finally a Political Voice

I was watching CNN's* post debate discussion this evening and was struck by a realization...

But first, a little background. Five or six years ago, I decide to change my political affiliation from Democrat to Independent/Unaffiliated. People said it was foolish, since I would lose a chance to vote in primaries. However, I was disgusted with the political machinations of the Democrats and was tired of being associated with the party. (Friends who happen to be Democrats are fine, of course, it's the behavior encouraged by the party that I disliked.) So, I changed my affiliation. I said that instead of making a "protest vote," I would make my registration a protest.

Now, things have turned on their head. I've always been a proponent for a multi-party political system (yes, there are nominally more than two parties, but we all know it's Dems vs. Reps) but have been told it's pretty much impossible at this point. Tonight, listening to the pundits, I suddenly realized that we ARE moving away from the two party system, in a way that's even better than having three or more major parties. I, as an Independent, have become part of a nebulous third group that defies stereotyping. We don't have many representatives in Senate, and we're not going to have an Independent president, but we ARE a force to be considered and reckoned with. There are enough of us that politicians are starting to have to pay attention to what concerns us (or at least pretend to). Pundits are biting their nails trying to figure out "what will the Independents do?"

I, who have never felt like I had a voice in politics, feel like someone's listening. Maybe I and my fellow Independents might actually change things around here.


* PS - CNN deliberately avoided "The Spin Room," saying "what's the point?" Bravo, CNN! Thanks for realizing how stupid it is to hear partisans parrot their party's talking points.


John the Scientist said...

Anne - I agree. The nuthouse wings of both parties are still driving a lot of the discussion, but the situation is looking up.

Janiece Murphy said...

Anne, international woman of mystery.

Hehe. I like it.

After the election, I'll probably change back to Independent. I registered as a Dem for this election so I could participate in the Primary caucus, but really, they both suck, don't they?

Anonymous said...

Yeah for independents! Who cares whether somebody is a Democrat or a Republican. Do they know enough and care enough about this country to do their job? If they do then they should be elected.
an independent

vince said...

I agree.

And the "debates"? Meh. Both sides have problems either knowing or remembering facts, and last night added little if any new information.

With one exception. McCain's proposal to immediately buy up bad home mortgages at the new value of those homes and allow financially troubled homeowners to keep their houses. Obama did suggest something similar in late September, but was more cautious. If I remember correctly, Obama said he thought it should be considered or that the Treasury department should consider or study it. Personally, I think this is part of what should have been done as part of the so-called bailout.

Two things did stick out. First, I thought McCain did a better job of looking at and engaging Obama than he did in the first debate. Second, Obama hung around after and talked to people for 15-20 minutes. McCain didn't.

belsum said...

I've never had to register as one party or another. In fact just this year alone I've been to both the Republican caucus and voted in the Democratic primary. But I rarely vote for either side in the general elections - no matter how high or low the office.

Earlier this week some college kids came around, stumping for Obama, and seemed rather flabbergasted that I was so vehemently opposed to both. They asked what issue I wanted to hear brought up and when I mentioned "space" I got stunned silence. But I was impressed that the chick half of the duo actually took notes on some of the stuf I spouted off when they asked for more details.

I'm interested to hear that CNN ditched the Spin Room. That was one of the very specific suggestions made by Entertainment Weekly writer Mark Harris in an excellent essay about how to improve news coverage during the election season.

Anne C. said...

Thanks for the link, Bel, that a was very interesting essay. Made quite a few points I would have said too.