Friday Cat Blogging

Michelle regularly has "Friday Cat Blogging" and for the first time, I coincidentally have cat pictures from a cozy evening watching TV:

The cuteness! It burns!


Random Michelle K said...

Hey! It's another giant furry slug!

Mummy Grabill said...

How are da boyz enjoying the new kitty beds . . . I mean, couches? I'm sure they've been doing a lot of "wearing them in" . . . yep, need a little kitty indent here, a little hair there . . . now this couch is stylin'!

brenda013 said...

mummy grabill?

Apart from that comment, notice that in the second picture the camera is getting zapped by a kitty glare.

Anonymous said...

Friday Cat Blogging?! I *heart* this idea! Only, I'm currently cat-less... in the middle of a house/horse/dog-sitting experience for a week, so the furkids are off cavorting as Chez Grandma, probably rolling about on the screened-in porch and trying to remember what I look like.

Well... Miss Kitty is visiting, I think Ben made a more "permanent move" over the past year. I think he and my mom have fallen a bit in love with one another. *sigh*

I miss my little black one though; must be time to go hug a horse!

Anne C. said...

Horses are fun to snuggle! And they smell horsey, which is nice. :)

And Brenda, that's not a glare, it's an "I want to look, but am too lazy to move my head" peek out of the corner of the eye. ;)

Anne C. said...

Oh, and MG, Matti is doing better about making comfy sleeping arrangements on the back of the sofa (as seen here) than Martin is. That's mostly because Martin is more cautious. He'll get there eventually.

kimby said...

Yeah for Cat blogging (I forgot again this week, but will fix that before the day is out)

Mummy Grabill said...

I'm with Brenda, looked like a glare to me. But I'll take "side-long glance" as well.

And yes, I decided that "Grabill Family" wasn't doing it for me since that could imply either Brian or I. Now that I'm going to be a Mummy I thought I'd help myself get used to the name by changing my display name. There's always only been one "Mummy" in my life, so it's hard to envision taking on that title.

. . . besides . . . how else am I going to escape "The Grabill Family is confused!" stigma. ;-)

MWT said...

You're going to be a mom? Congrats! :)

And yay kitties! :)

Nathan said...

". . . besides . . . how else am I going to escape "The Grabill Family is confused!" stigma. ;-)"

You can never escape it. Cross my heart and ... I swear, earlier today I was thinking about how to mark the anniversary of International Hijack Day™. And I was thinking of reviving it as International Grabill Confusion Day.

I have no idea what I'll come up with, but if I can't confuse Grabills, I'll consider it a failure.


Mummy Grabill said...

Nathan - this is a little late, but I couldn't help but respond! How much do I LOVE the idea that I've been elevated to ranks of the mythical creatures! The phrase "but if I can't confuse Grabills, I'll consider it a failure." makes me feel like some weird Tolkien species living in Mirkwood! I love it! Maybe this year I could even join in, but I warn you, a suspecting Grabill is much harder to confuse than an unsuspecting one! :)