Beige instead of Gray

I wish I could post something entertaining today, but I'm just out of ideas. I'm going to start studying for the Construction Documents exam... tomorrow. I've got a plan for a low key involvement in NaNoWriMo, but that's for November. I've got a plan to research doing an on-the-cheap version of the modular shelving, but that requires research at Home Depot. I watched the second season premiere of Heroes tonight and it was interesting, but a little patchy. Meh. I don't really have tons to talk about tonight. I'm thinking about going to bed early. To be honest, I'm looking forward to going to the gym. I think I worked out the stupid kinks in my MP3 player. Other than that, this evening I'm not really interested in watching any more TV, reading any books, even Jane Austen, nor in surfing the net any further. I'll go to bed early, and hopefully won't wake up with insomnia, like I did last night.
Oh, some news: yesterday, I scored a major success on the building project I'm on at work. Because of me, because I was persistent, we will have beige terrace pavers on the project instead of gray. Woo hoo! Go me! (Seriously, it's a major improvement. I really do feel like I accomplished something. Hope that isn't too sad for y'all.)
I'll try and come up with something a little more colorful for tomorrow. Literally.

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The Grabill Family said...

Yayyyy Annie! It's so cool to have these great successes and work. Keeps the spirits up! Congratulations!I had a major geeky success on an excel spreadsheet I was working on the other day.