Procrastinating from Studying

Well, I just finished watching the season finale of one of my new favorite shows, Burn Notice (very well written show) and I've found an article link to post for your enjoyment today. I guess it's time to stop procrastinating and start studying.

The article from The Financial Times is about the latest trend for locally grown foods and how complex the ecological/sustainable equation really is. Our family had a recent discussion on this subject.

Later: Well, did some studying and then I mowed the lawn. Back to studying. [sigh]

Even Later: I was procrastinating on the internet when Max called and said he and Jenn were coming down to my neck of the woods and would I like to join them. I hmmm and hawwed until we got the timing down. I would have a few hours to study and then I could hang out with them. I got to studying, pronto! I did the Mechanical and Electrical Plan Vignette in an hour and ten minutes (roughly supposed to take me an hour). Part of the delay was me figuring out how to attack the patterning part of the problem. My solution was borderline -- right in many respects, but wrong in some. The main goal was to find out what they think is a right answer (not what I think). I'm going to do a little further research on the ARE Forum and then I should be good to move on to the next one.

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