Don't Want To Be Redundant

I am trying very hard not to say how much I dislike studying, particularly as I know that I am doing the "easy" studying (just learning the rules of the game) for these three exams. If I don't like sitting down to the computer and working on a graphic puzzle for an hour and a half, how much am I going to protest sitting down with flash cards or a book?
So, I'm going to be positive about it and say "I just practiced the Site Design test and despite having to throw out my first scheme and retry, I still finished in time and got a probably passing result." After checking out other solutions on the ARE Forum, I know what I should be doing to increase my chances of passing. It's on to the next piece, Site Zoning. Whoopi-do.

In my procrastinating, I managed to do a decent amount of chores: went to buy cat supplies at PetSmart and air filters at Home Depot, bought cards and gift cards for the two baby showers I'm going to, return a library book, do laundry, and get up to date on my finances. Tomorrow, I'm going to try and get my studying done early in the day. We'll see how that goes.

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