Feel the Burn!

Ok, that's a correlation between exercising (I just got back from the gym) and me spending a couple hours last night writing the report for work that I needed to do. In theory, I'd do it at work, but it's next to impossible to concentrate there, and what took me two hours to do last night would have taken me all day. I don't have all day. So, I left work a little early (the fabulous suggestion of my lunching companion, FS) and went and had some drinks with my friends, Wendy and Ginger, before going home and writing the report. It had been a long site visit, so I had over 90 photos, not all of which needed to go into the report, but I did cover a lot of ground.
Anyway, it's done and I can go into work this morning, quickly do the photo portion of the report and send it off to the owner's rep. Yay!

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