Working Vacation

"I love it when a house comes together."
(OK, so the actual quote says "plan" but eh, I liked this better.)

So far my main tasks have been to help my mum with tiling the master bathroom and drawing up plans and elevations for the shelves in the library. The latter is done, we just have to talk it over one last time with the trim carpenter (a very nice guy and a heck of a carpenter). The former seems to go on and on forever. Every time we seem just around the bend from finishing making all the cuts (we are cutting everything, then mortaring it all down, then grouting), we find another section of unfinished cuts we need to make. And now we're trying to strategize completing what we need to complete without enough bullnose tile. Apparently it was hard to track down and whomever ordered it did not order enough.
The staining and lacquering is done, thank goodness, so there aren't as many fumes. I got the DVD player hooked up to the TV, but we don't know where the remote control is. Fortunately, we can still play stuff.

No deep thoughts today. I'm just too tired to come up with something.
How about -- working hard builds character...

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Slick said...

hmm, working hard builds character.. I like that...

my brother and I have a little "joke" that whenever we find someone who's difficult to be around that they build character. If that person is exceptionally difficult such said person will probably end up with a tombstone saying "here lies jimmy, he built character"