Losing things

Yipes, what a day.
I was vacuuming and it was a nice day out, so I thought I'd let the cats roam in the backyard. Well, vacuuming took longer than I expected and though I looked outside periodically to check on the cats, when I was finished I went outside to bring them in. They weren't there. Oh. Crap. I went out the front door and started looking up and down the street. Finally, about a block away I saw one of them. Martin. I went to him, trying to call his name, but he wouldn't come to me. Typical Martin. He is such a scaredy-cat when he's outside. When I reached him, he got by me and started running back to the house. Well, at least he knows where home is. He hid under the deck for a while and I sat there, trying to coax him out (and trying not to think about where Matti was). I called my sister for help, but soon after, Martin came close enough that I was able to grab him. As usual, he resisted, but I'm getting used to how tightly I have to hold on. So I took him inside. Then I went back outside to find Matti. Fortunately, he was nearby (attracted by the sounds of me trying to coax Martin?). He ended up going to hide under the deck too. I called my sister again and told her I had everything under control. Matti is much easier to catch than Martin. He actually comes to me when called. Not right away, of course, but eventually he did come and I grabbed him. He doesn't struggle like Martin does. I took him inside and breathed a big sigh of relief. Obviously, they're not going outside again anytime soon.
Are they upset about thier rough treatment? Not at all. Martin, previously the cautious one, is sacked out on my lap.
I also had a soccer game today and though we had a big lead in the first half, we lost it all and more in the second half. It was a really big disappointment. I know we can do better. It was just a really hard game and we were missing some people. And now I'm tired.

But I'm doing ok with the "living in the moment" plan, so it's got to be going well. :)


Slick said...

Losing things is incredibly annoying, and, your cat (martin) sounds similar to ours... at least in the fact that he will not come when called at all.. and he likes to hide under decks. :( unfortunately he will not show any affection for us at all (sniff, lol)


Anonymous said...

My heart was in my mouth as you described the search. I know the feeling of a lost cat. Something interesting about our Chessie -- after she was gone for three days she established much more strongly that inside the house was the safest place to be, and now, when feeling insecure, tends to want to remain inside rather than out. She is making the tansition from "feral consciousness" to "domestic consciouisness."
It seemed to me that Martin has learned the same.Once you were visible to him in the great outside this gave him courage to run for home. Before that everything was unsure for him. Glad it all ended well, and to heck with losing at soccer... That is always recoverable with another opportunity. A lost cat isn't...