Van Gogh Like You've Never Seen Him

Lately I haven't had much time to surf the internet, check out what people are saying/seeing/doing, engage in frivolous online discourse. You know because you've seen how dormant this blog has become.

HOWEVER: Today, following my nose I stumbled upon the following awesome image slideshow of Van Gogh paintings that have been manipulated in Photoshop. To clarify with words from the author/artist: "Nothing in any of these paintings been added or removed or had its proportions changed. The effect is achieved simply by manipulating the light in the scene and adjusting the areas of the image that are more and less in focus, as you will see."

Click here to go to the full slideshow. Well worth your time!

Simply amazing.

(Due credit to Mr. Scalzi for bringing it to the attention of his audience.)


neurondoc said...

Wow! I'd never heard of tilt-shift photography. These are lovely.

Anne C. said...

I'd heard of it,
but only a mention of the concept. Glad you enjoyed it too!

brenda010 said...

The detail is stunning, and Van Gogh's perspective is so good that it is like little cardboard three-Ds with brilliant colors. Loved it.