Another Picture and a Fun Quote

This is the coolest picture I could find from last week's site visit. It shows that we are working on the "3rd lift" of the elevator and stair core, which is made of concrete. There should be approximately 32 "lifts". 10% done, w00t!

And I saw this on a friend's email:

"A positive attitude may not solve all your
problems, but it will annoy enough people
to make it worth the effort" - Herm Albright


Anonymous said...

This is a great photo, Anne. It give one a sense of the scale of this project. I am curious why there are approximately 32 levels. I can only imagine it depends on the budget. If the money runs our there will only be 30? If you control costs really well do you put the money saved into additional floors? One more question: who checks to see if these are plumb? the building will be leaning or truly perpendicular depending on these puppies, right?

Stacey said...

It is so cool to see this going up. Also, I just love the quote. You have no idea how pertinent it is right now...

Anne said...

There are a fixed number of floors (34 levels, including underground parking and the mechanical penthouse), but the "lifts" are not aligned with levels in the 5 corkscrew levels of parking because it's more efficient to do it in 18' lifts. After they get to the residential levels, they will go to one lift per level.
I estimated how many lifts (not levels) because it is a constructability issue that would take me some time to calculate.
We can add levels in the design phase, but the structure is designed for certain loads, so once that's completed, we can't add anymore.

The concrete sub and the general contractor are responsible for quality control. In fact, on another project in our office, where the owner decided to be his own g.c., the concrete structure is not plumb, so in order to stay inside the property line, we (hired to be construction managers after he failed) had to get the masons to cut the back of the brick so it could go up plumb.